Thursday, February 18, 2010

Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Smoothie Review

Due to a need to save a little dinero, lately I’ve been opting to do my own hair, rather than make my usual salon appointment. This may not seem like such a big deal except that my hair is past shoulder length and tangles quite easily after washing. Thus, hair washing can become a bit of an ordeal. So, as I was looking for a new shampoo and conditioner, finding a good detangler was a major goal. Finding a product with decent ingredients was also important. Since I had heard good things about Carol’s Daughter’s Tui Hair Smoothie, I thought it was worth a try. Admittedly, I had tried Carol’s Daughter’s Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner and was less than impressed. I was definitely hoping for better results.

So the verdict…
Me likey. First, Tui Hair Smoothie smells divine. Really. It’s almost worth the price just for the smell. Tui Hair Smoothie contains Olive, Shea, Cocao and Buriti oils, and is paraben, petrolatum and mineral oil free. It also did a nice job detangling my hair. I still had a little work to do, but it was considerably less than normal. The lack of hair left in my comb was a really good thing. My hair also felt nice and soft after use. For the record, I used Organix Tea Tree Shampoo which is sulfate free. The only complaint is that Tui could have delivered a little bit more shine. All in all, I definitely like this product and would use it again. Carol’s Daughter’s Tui Hair Smoothie retails for $19 and is sold at sephora stores or at
Have you tried Carol's Daughter's Tui Hair Smoothie? What did you think?


  1. I purchased the Black Vanilla Leave In and the Black Vanilla hair smoothie - I dont know what I am supposed to get from the leave in besides the smell and if I want to wet my hair down in the morning - eh :shrug as for the smoothie I also love the smell and the consistency. I use it as a deep conditioner as well as a day to day moisturizer and my hair has been loving it so far

  2. Thanks for commenting Shana. I hadn't tried the smoothie as a daily moisturizer. Interesting thought. I may check that out.

  3. I also use the smoothie as a daily moisturizer and it works wonders, making my parched ends look moisturized

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