Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Heart IHeartRadio

Attention music lovers! I recently got turned on to a lovely new IPhone and Blackberry App , called IHeart Radio. It’s now much easier to listen to the radio on your IPhone. IHeart Radio features Clearchannel radio stations from cities all over the country. It provides all formats: from Hip Hop and R&B to Jazz to Rock. It’s like having satellite radio on your phone! And for you music truists, there is even a section for you to check out "undiscovered" artists. For you who don’t have an IPhone or a Blackberry, don’t fret, IHeartRadio is also available online at where you can find videos and live performances.


  1. Hey Lee, you just mentioned one of my FAVORITE apps! I live in NYC but I listen to Philly radio on my way to work. We now have some HORRIBLE morning show hosts in NYC so I check out what's going on in other cities!!!!

  2. Hey PJD,
    What, a knock on NYC radio hosts? LOL. I may need to check out the Philly stations myself. Philly does put out some good music, I must say. It is really cool to be able to check out radio in other cities.